WATCH: Start of massive Croatian earthquake caught LIVE on air, disrupting TV interview

The powerful earthquake that hit Croatia on Tuesday was caught live on air, disrupting a casual interview on a regional cable news channel.

The uncanny N1 channel footage from Zagreb shows the 6.3 magnitude earthquake starting right at the moment the interview was supposed to begin.

Both the host and the guest appear to be struggling to not fall down, while the camera’s point of view starts spinning and shaking.

The feed then cuts to the inside of the N1 studio, as the room appears to begin shaking more and more aggressively. The studio host tries to keep calm, explaining the situation to the viewers.

Having hit the whole region, the Tuesday earthquake caused a similar commotion in Slovenia, where it managed to disperse an ongoing National Assembly session.

According to footage from the region, the tremor caused a lot of structural damage. The exact number of casualties and deaths it may have led to is not yet known, with local media reporting at least one child tragically dying in Croatia’s Petrinja.

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Destroyed houses and a car are seen on a street after an earthquake in Petrinja, Croatia December 29, 2020.
Child reported killed as powerful magnitude 6.3 earthquake shakes Croatia (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

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Source:RT World News

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