WATCH: Riot police clash with protesters outside Guinean embassy in Paris as demonstrations erupt over presidential election

Protesters have clashed with riot police outside the Guinean embassy in Paris after opposition figures contested the first round of the country’s presidential election.

Guinean President Alpha Conde and opposition candidate Cellou Dalein Diallo have both declared victory as results from the country’s election on October 18 come in, setting up a standoff between the two sides.

The disputed results caused clashes in opposition areas of the country, with supporters of Diallo getting injured and setting furniture on fire during skirmishes that have been ongoing since the election. Now, those clashes have spilled onto the streets of France, as people gathered outside Guinea’s embassy in Paris to protest against the incumbent president.

As riot police attempted to disperse protesters and push them back from the embassy, tensions mounted and the situation turned violent, with demonstrators hurling bottles and, according to eyewitnesses, officers firing tear gas into the crowd.

Police charged at members of the demonstration and arrested some of the attendees, as shown in footage from the scene.

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Diallo told supporters on Monday that “despite the serious anomalies that marred the smooth running of the election… I am victorious,” while Conde stated: “If victory is mine, I remain open to dialogue and available to work with all Guineans.”

The country’s electoral commission is still counting the votes but, so far, as of Wednesday, they have declared that Conde has maintained a lead over his opponents, defeating challengers in 14 out of 20 constituencies.

Conde’s attempt to secure a third term in office has been the subject of contentious debate in the country, as opponents argue it is in violation of the law, which imposes a two term limit on the President. Conde argues his term was reset when Guinea held a constitutional referendum in March on changing the presidential term of office from five to six years.

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Source:RT World News

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