Volunteer firefighter becomes first fatality of devastating Greek fires amid extreme heatwave

A volunteer firefighter has been confirmed as the first fatality of the forest fires in Greece which were triggered by an extreme heatwave. The deceased died from his injuries having been hit by a falling utility pole.

On Friday, a 38-year-old volunteer firefighter died from his injuries after being hit by a falling utility pole. He had been transferred to the KAT hospital in Athens where doctors did everything they could to save him.

“At 14:00 today, a 38-year-old resident of Ippokratio Politia suffered a blow to the head with undetectable vital signs, from a fall of a PPC pole, according to witnesses present. An attempt was made to revive him for 70 minutes without result,” a statement from the hospital read.

Contrary to previous reports, the victim was not a motorcyclist but a volunteer fireman who was at the scene to battle one of the country’s many forest fires.


Source:RT World News

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