The Art Of Fast Money Making

In the immortal words of the excellent Zig Ziglar, “Money isn’t the most essential thing in life, however it’s reasonably near to oxygen on the “got ta have it scale”

I am going to, in this short article, refine your understanding about cash.

One of my greatest insights and important observations is to accept that cash is not all the same.

There are different types of money, you can divide cash into 3 groups. Quick cash, per hour money and credit cash. The very first is not based or linked to time, the other 2 are entirely based around time.

When looking at these three types of money that one is really desire-able and the other 2 are worse and much worse.

Immediately we can observe one stands head and shoulders above the other 2 and is crucial to wealth. The other two result in a life of everyday roil and a poor home respectively.

Credit cash, money you borrow to purchase particular enjoyments in life is the worst sort of money, not surprisingly it is extremely carefully linked to “hourly cash” due to the fact that to get credit cash you must prove that you have per hour cash.

The point of credit money is to exchange time for the interest you pay.

The problem with “credit money” is the very same problem that one gets with “hourly money” however much even worse.

Not just are we offering our valuable time for cash, however now we are committing and offering tomorrow’s time for cash today.

Per hour Cash is the most obvious way to generate income for people. Per hour labor for hourly money, 90% of the worlds population gets their money this way.

A very inefficient method to get your cash however you get it for sure.

Security of a salary is the primary reason people aim to get hourly cash.

You might have not even considered that there is another type of cash however.

Fast money is what the 10% wealthy people aim for.

Fast Cash – The art of authentic development The art of fast money can be boiled down to one particular and it’s that it’s not connected to time.

You might balk at these time frames and amounts but that is the point of this type of money.

The TIME part is absolutely unimportant.

If per hour cash and credit cash are instrinsicaly centered around time … what is fast money focused around?


Quick money is not made by meaningless time counting. Quick money is made by providing services. An example of this can be found in the old dental practitioners joke.

You see the old fellow required an option to his problem. The dental practitioner had that option and had the tools to achieve the service in 2 minutes. The fellow wanted a solution to his issue which is what he was paying for, not the time spent, as his dental expert expertly explained.

Fast money and the art of finding and getting fast cash can be found by discovering individuals with urgent and pushing issues.

To get involved in this remarkable quick cash world, you should look for these kinds of individuals. Find these types scenarios and start supplying your own special and authentic solutions to get paid quick.

If you want to find thouands of Million Dollar Corporations with problems that need your assistance right now.

Fast money, per hour money and credit money.

Credit cash – money you borrow to purchase certain enjoyments in life is the worst kind of cash, not surprisingly it is really closely connected to “hourly money” because to get credit cash you need to show that you have per hour cash … a job.

You may have not even thought that there is another type of money however.

Quick Money – The art of authentic production The art of quick money can be boiled down to one particular and it’s that it’s not connected to time.

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