Taliban militants begin offensive on Afghan capital Kabul – Interior Ministry

The Taliban have started an assault on Afghanistan’s capital of Kabul on Sunday, the country’s Interior Ministry said. The city remains the only major urban area still under the control of the government of President Ashraf Ghani.

Taliban fighters have been advancing on Kabul – which is now cut off from the rest of the country – from all sides, the Interior Ministry said.

Several unnamed Afghan officials have confirmed to AP that the militants have been spotted in the outskirts of Kabul, in the Kalakan, Qarabagh, and Paghman districts.

The Taliban said it had instructed its fighters to refrain from violence in the capital and allow safe passage to those who choose to leave the city. The group claimed in a statement that they had no plans of taking the capital “by force.”

Some officials have insisted there has so far been no fighting, but media reports claim sporadic gunshots have been heard in the capital. 

The militants have taken control of Kabul University and have already raised their flag in one district, sources told the RIA-Novosti news agency.

The Afghan government insists the situation in Kabul “remains under control.” However, the authorities have made such statements numerous times, but could do nothing to prevent a rapid offensive by the Taliban that saw the radical group seizing most of the country in a matter of weeks.


Source:RT World News

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