Syria claims soldiers killed in ‘Israeli airstrike’ – state media

An alleged Israeli airstrike near Syria’s capital of Damascus reportedly led to the deaths of three Syrian soldiers

Several Syrian military servicemen have been killed after missiles targeted an area in the vicinity of Damascus, Syria’s state media reported. The country’s anti-missile defenses shot down most of the projectiles that have also inflicted material damage, the report claimed.

The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported than an “Israeli airstrike” launched “from the direction of the north of Lake Tiberias” in Israel struck targets in the vicinity of Damascus city at around 1:10am local time on Thursday. The attack resulted in the “martyrdom of three soldiers and some material losses,” it added, citing a military source.

Footage has emerged online purporting to show Syria’s aerial defense systems intercepting hostile missiles.

While Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) rarely admit to cross-border military raids, Tel Aviv routinely carries out bombardments of the Syrian territory at the pretext of targeting Iranian interests there.

Many of such raids have resulted in civilian casualties and military losses. While Israel has sought to justify its bombing campaign as being retaliatory or “defensive,” Damascus sees the strikes as a violation of its territorial integrity.

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