Russia announces retaliation over RT DE ban in Germany

Germany’s actions have left Moscow no other choice but to retaliate, the Russian Foreign Ministry has said

Russia has repeatedly warned the German authorities that it considers any “politically motivated pressure” on Moscow-based broadcasting company “unacceptable,” the foreign ministry said in a statement on Wednesday.

“A decision by the German media regulator is a clear signal [showing] that Russia’s concerns have been demonstratively ignored,” the foreign ministry said, adding that such a step leaves Russia no choice but take “reciprocal measures” against the German media certified in Russia as well as internet platforms that deleted RT DE accounts “in an arbitrary and baseless way.”

The ministry did not specify what particular measures will be taken. Earlier, it repeatedly warned Berlin about an “inevitable” response in case Germany refuses to find a “constructive solution” to issue around RT DE broadcasting “created by [Germany] itself.”


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