RT freelance reporter detained by ‘military’ in Kazakhstan

A correspondent affiliated with RT has been taken away in a military vehicle in the restive city of Almaty

RT freelance reporter Stanislav Obishchenko has been detained in Kazakhstan’s largest metropolis of Almaty while setting out to report on the violent protests there. The men who detained him are said to be members of the military.

A group of RT journalists, who’ve arrived in Almaty to report on the situation there, were working in one of the streets on Saturday afternoon when the incident happened.

The rest of the group are now reportedly in safety.

“Our team arrived from [the capital city of] Nur-Sultan to Almaty, and set out to film a stand-up report in a church. It then went to Republic Square to film the military vehicles there. One of our war correspondents was working across the road when a military vehicle approached him. He was made to kneel, threatened with a rifle, and then forced into the vehicle. Unfortunately, our team couldn’t make contact with him thereafter. We’re now trying to do so with the help of the [Russian] Embassy,” said RT Russia producer Mikhail Krasnov.


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