Pyongyang launches ‘unidentified projectile’ just as North Korean ambassador takes UN stage – reports

North Korea has fired an unidentified munition off its east coast, according to Japanese and South Korean military sources cited in local media, just as Pyongyang’s envoy took the stage to address the United Nations in New York.

The Japanese government announced a “possible ballistic missile” launch from North Korea on Tuesday, according to sources cited by Kyodo News and NHK, while South Korea’s Yonhap News noted that Pyongyang fired at least one “unidentified” projectile into the East Sea, citing the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff, though provided few other details on the purported launch.

Reports of the apparent test fire made the rounds just as North Korea’s UN ambassador, Kim Song, delivered a speech before the General Assembly in New York City, where he repeatedly condemned what he called a “hostile policy” toward Pyongyang from the United States and allied nations, including the stationing of thousands of American troops in the south.

“The US’ hostile policy against the DPRK finds its clearest expression in its military threats against us,” he said, using the acronym for the formal name of his country, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Not a single foreign troop, not a single foreign military base exists in the territory of the DPRK. But, in South Korea, almost 30,000 US troops are stationed at numerous military bases, maintaining a war posture to take military action against the DPRK at any moment.

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