Police respond to ‘ongoing violent incident’ in Norway

Three people are reported injured in a stabbing, one of them is in a critical condition

Police in Norway have responded to a stabbing incident in the Numedal district 85km West of Oslo, they said on Twitter on Friday. The attack left three people injured, including one in critical condition, the report said.

Norwegian authorities labeled the incident a “PLIVO”, which stands for “ongoing life-threatening violence” in police terminology.

Around an hour after the stabbing was first reported, police said a suspect had been arrested.

Numedal is in the south-east of Norway and includes several municipalities. The police said the incident happened in Nore og Uvdal, which has about 2,700 residents.

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Knifeman tries to attack people & injures policeman in Oslo, gets killed by the officer

Mayor Jan Gaute Bjerke described the violence as “deeply tragic” as quoted by Norwegian media.

“The municipality staff will help with information and run a crisis management team in coordination with the police,” he said.

The stabbing comes after a defendant in one of the most covered cases of violence in Norway in recent years pleaded guilty to a bow-and-arrow and knife rampage that happened in October last year. The attack left five people dead and three injured, including an off-duty police officer.

Norwegian police initially investigated the incident as an act of terror, but later concluded that the suspect, a 38-year-old Danish man was suffering from mental illness. His trial is scheduled to last until Jun 22.

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