Philippines’ Duterte offers resignation if bribe smear proven – but threatens to KILL anyone making false allegations

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has made the bold offer to resign if anyone can prove he accepted bribes while in office, but caveated his proposal by threatening to kill anyone guilty of concocting a story.

Speaking during a televised address on Monday night, Duterte said he and members of his cabinet would step down if accusations that they are involved in corruption are proven.

If there is anybody who can prove that I received money from the Office of the President, from the government, one peso more than my salary, I will resign.

The president added that it only takes one person, one affidavit, and he will resign “as long as it is true.”

Duterte also insisted that he and his cabinet are all “honest people,” and repeated his zero-tolerance stance on corruption.

However, he then strongly warned people not to make false allegations, saying: “Do not lie. Don’t invent or concoct a story, that’s bad. If that happens, I will kill you.” 

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Duterte has come down hard on corruption since taking office in 2016. 

In November, he read aloud the names of public officials he says are under investigation, including those who are accused of corruption. 

The outspoken leader has been at the center of controversy throughout his time in office, notably because of his willingness to see criminals brutally brought to justice and related human rights issues.

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Source:RT World News

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