Netherlands ban air travel from Britain till NEXT YEAR over new Covid-19 strain, similar to fast-spreading variant in the UK

The Dutch government has imposed a ban on commercial flights from the UK to the Netherlands after it reported a first case of the new fast-spreading Covid-19 strain. The ban will be in effect at least till January.

The travel restrictions will apply to all passenger flights from the UK bound to the Netherlands starting 6:00 am Sunday local time, the government said in a statement, issued several hours before the ban was to come into force.

The government described the sweeping ban on air travel for the whole Christmas period as a “precautionary measure”, needed to “limit” potential further exposure of the population to the new strain of the virus, which was first detected in the UK and is allegedly highly contagious.

Citing data by a local health agency, which recommended the ban,  the Dutch government revealed that the strain, believed to be the same one that prompted UK PM Boris Johnson’s latest lockdown, was detected in the Netherlands “at the beginning of December” as a part of a case study.

In light of the situation in the UK, the government said it would “further investigate” the case to determine “how the infection came about” on Dutch soil, and whether there are more cases, triggered by the mutant strain.


Source:RT World News

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