Musician turns January 6-related hate mail into NFTs

Ariel Pink said he was ‘inspired’ by the ‘woke’ backlash he received to create the new project

Ariel Pink – an American lo-fi pop musician who was ‘canceled’ last year for attending Donald Trump’s rally on January 6 ahead of the Capitol riots – has turned the hate mail he received following the controversy into a collection of NFTs.

“On January 7th, 2021, my life changed forever. After flying to Washington, D.C. to hear President Donald Trump speak on the White House lawn, I awoke to blatant mischaracterizations by mainstream media, which quickly went viral amongst the ‘woke cancel culture elites,’” Pink wrote in a statement on Thursday.

— Ariel Pink (@arielxpink) February 4, 2022

Pink said he became inspired to create a series of NFTs after being “subjected to violent harassment, dropped by my record label and shunned by friends and acquaintances alike.”

These NFT’s memorialize and ‘call out’ in a way those who both set out to destroy me and those who will ultimately further drive my success

The ‘Lovers and Haters NFT series’ consists of screenshots of hate mail Pink received following the controversy, including a message calling his music “diarrhea” and a photo edited to make the musician look like a pig.

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