Multiple Bundeswehr vehicles ‘extensively damaged’ during suspected arson attack in Leipzig

Several off-road military vehicles caught fire overnight in German city of Leipzig. The cars have sustained heavy damage, according to local police, who suspect a deliberate arson attack caused the blaze.

Some ten Mercedes-Benz G-class vehicles, parked at a local car dealership in Leipzig, were engulfed in flames during New Year’s night.

While the blaze was promptly put out, at least seven of them were “extensively damaged,” local police have said. According to preliminary findings, the fire was likely caused by a deliberate arson attack. So far, no suspects have been apprehended.

© Global Look Press / DPA / Sebastian Willnow

Imagery from the scene shows that several cars have been reduced to burnt-out husks.

The less damaged vehicles bear distinctive license plates, issued to the Bundeswehr – the country’s army.

© Global Look Press / DPA / Sebastian Willnow

It was not immediately clear how the cars ended up at the dealership. It also remains unknown to which unit the vehicles belong, as the German military has so far remained silent over the incident.

The G-class is an unarmored off-road vehicle, manufactured by Daimler AG. Various modifications of the car have already been in extensive use by the Bundeswehr for some years.

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Source:RT World News

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