Major police op after hostage-taking at Munster prison in Germany, suspect gunned down by officers

A hostage crisis at a prison in Munster, Germany has come to an end after officers killed the perpetrator and rescued the hostage, local police have reported.

The dramatic situation unfolded at the prison early on Friday morning after an inmate at a correctional facility in Munster took a hostage. The police were alerted at around 6:30am and cordoned off the area around the prison, which is located in the northeastern part of Munster.

Hours later, a police operation was launched, during which officers used their firearms against the hostage-taker. The person, who was an inmate at the prison, died from their injuries, police spokesman Frank Rentmeister told the media. The hostage was not hurt, the report said.

The police offered no further details about the rescue or the people involved in the immediate aftermath. Some local media reported that the hostage-taker had only a few months of his sentence remaining before release.

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Source:RT World News

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