Iran claims victory over US as UN arms embargo expires

Iran’s foreign ministry has declared the victory of “multilateralism, peace and security”, as the UN’s conventional arms embargo effectively expired on October 18, despite Washington’s pressure to reimpose sanctions.

“As of today, all restrictions on the transfer of arms, related activities and financial services to and from The Islamic Republic of Iran, and all prohibitions regarding the entry or transit through territories of the United Nations Member States previously imposed on a number of Iranian citizens and military officials, are all automatically terminated,” Iran’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement on midnight October 18.

“A momentous day for the international community, which— in defiance of malign US efforts—has protected UNSC Res. 2231 and JCPOA,” Foreign Minister Javad Zarif added in a tweet.

While Tehran declared it is now free to buy and export arms as it sees fit, it noted that the Islamic Republic’s defense industry is self-sustained and there will be no weapons “buying spree.”

“Iran’s defense doctrine is premised on strong reliance on its people and indigenous capabilities… Unconventional arms, weapons of mass destruction and a buying spree of conventional arms have no place in Iran’s defense doctrine,” the statement added.


Source:RT World News

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