Indian PM Modi agrees to hold talks with farmers amid widespread protests against agricultural reform (VIDEO)

India’s prime minister has “very humbly” offered further talks with farmers regarding a new law which the agricultural workers believe would erode their incomes and threaten their livelihoods.

Speaking on Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi defended his government’s agricultural reform program but said he was willing to enter into dialogue with protesting farmers to dispel their concerns. 

“The modern facilities available to the farmers of major nations should also be available for those from India, it cannot be delayed any longer,” Modi said.

Still, if anyone has any apprehension, and in the interest of the farmers of the country and to address their concerns, we are very humbly ready to talk on every issue.

India has been hit with waves of protests in recent months as farmers show their opposition to agricultural reform, demanding its repeal.

Farmers fear that the legalization, passed in September by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government, will end the purchase of 24 crops at guaranteed prices and leave farmers vulnerable to market forces. 

The government argues that the changes bring about necessary reform to an antiquated system and give farmers the option to sell produce directly to private companies. 

Modi’s comments come as many elderly farmers camp out on Delhi’s borders with their tractors and trailers parked bumper to bumper, braving the cold winter in a further demonstration of their opposition. 

It was reported on Thursday that one protester had perished as the weather took a turn for the worst. 

Many farmers have also gone on hunger strikes. 

Earlier protests saw multiple clashed between police and protesters, notably when farmers attempted a march on Delhi. 

More than 20 farmers have died since the protests began.

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Source:RT World News

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