Iconic Italian actress dies

1960s screen icon Monica Vitti passes away after a prolonged battle with Alzheimer’s

The iconic Italian actress Monica Vitti, who starred in a string of classic films in the 1960s, has passed away at the age of 90. The announcement came from director and politician Walter Veltroni on behalf of Roberto Russo – Vitti’s longtime partner.

Roberto Russo, il suo compagno di tutti questi anni, mi chiede di comunicare che Monica Vitti non c’è più. Lo faccio con dolore, affetto, rimpianto.

— walter veltroni (@VeltroniWalter) February 2, 2022

Vitti was a screen icon of the 1960s, and is best known for her work in classic films like ‘L’Avventura’, ‘Red Desert’, ‘L’Eclisse’ and ‘La Notte’. She shot to global recognition after collaborating with legendary director Michelangelo Antonioni in the late ‘50s and throughout her career has appeared in numerous films alongside iconic actors such as Jeanne Marau, Marcello Mastroianni, Alain Delon, Richard Harris, Michael Caine, just to name a few.

After her work with Antonioni, Vitti branched out into making comedies and romcoms. She even appeared in a couple of English-language films like the 1966 ‘Modesty Blaise’ and 1979’s ‘An Almost Perfect Affair’.

Her career spanned all the way up until the ‘90s, with her last features being ‘Secret Scandal’ – a film that she also directed, and 1992’s ‘Ma Tu Mi Vuoi Bene?’. 

Vitti retired from acting after she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and retreated from the public eye in 2001.

Vitti won numerous awards throughout her extensive career, scoring five David Di Donatello awards for Best Actress, seven Italian Golden Globes, one Golden Lion Award and a BAFTA nomination.

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