EU says it will seek ‘clarification’ from Pfizer after further Covid-19 vaccine delays

The European Union has said further contact is needed with Pfizer after it was reported that the pharmaceutical giant will be reducing deliveries for the second week running as the company upgrades its manufacturing plant.

“We will seek clarification from the company,” an EU spokesman told a press conference on Friday when asked about Pfizer’s reported slowdown in vaccine supply next week. 

The pharmaceutical giant has already come under fire this week after it announced last Friday that it would not be able to supply the expected doses for the forthcoming week. 

The German government has expressed its disappointment over Pfizer’s late notice, but other nations including Italy and Poland have said they will take legal action against the vaccine provider. 

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Poland threatens Pfizer with legal action after Covid-19 vaccine delay as Italy’s government backs action against the pharma giant

On Monday, Poland received 176,000 doses of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine – approximately half of what was expected, potentially jeopardizing the country’s inoculation program. 

It had previously been announced that Pfizer would reduce supply as the company embarks on an upgrade of its manufacturing capacity in Belgium. The drugmaker said it would make up for the deficit with extra deliveries in February and later months.

Nations across the EU have complained about limited access to vaccines since the European-wide inoculation program kicked off on December 27.

Hungary has dismissed the EU’s warnings against purchasing vaccines outside of the bloc’s procurement program. Budapest has signed deals with both Moscow and Beijing for Sputnik V and the Sinopharm jab respectively.

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Source:RT World News

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