Death toll in Kazakhstan unrest announced

More than 200 people died in January’s violence, official data reveals

At least 225 people, including 19 police officers and military servicemen, died in the recent violent unrest in Kazakhstan, the country’s prosecutors have said. More than 4,500 others were reportedly injured.

The updated statistics relating to the wave of protest that gripped the country in early January were revealed by the Kazakh authorities on Saturday. A spokesman for the Prosecutor General’s office stated during a press conference that at least 225 people had been killed. That figure includes police and military personnel, as well as civilians and those whom the government has described as “bandits.”

During several days of violence, 4,578 people were injured, the official said, adding that among that number were nearly 3,400 law enforcement officers and soldiers.

The vast majority of those who died during the unrest – 175 in total – had died in the country’s hospitals, a spokeswoman for the Health Ministry revealed at the press conference.


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